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Aeromexico becomes the second 737 MAX operator in South America

Mexico City - Aeromexico officially unveiled its first Boeing 737 MAX 8, which had arrived at the Mexico City International Airport on February 23. ( More...

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[This poster has been suspended.]

Agree. Thanks!
Joey Lau 1
Good. Look Forward.
dee9bee 1
I was thinking the same as most of you. Bad title. I'm guessing that Aeromexico is the second 737 MAX operator TO South America.
Andre Amaral 1
Nope, I guess they really meant what they wrote: "The aircraft is the first of 90 MAX 8 and MAX 9 ordered by the South American operator."

Their geography is messed up...
Actually Central America
bob proud 5
No, Mexico is part of NORTH America. But Latin America is also correct. Central America is south of the Mexican border...Guatemala and Belize.
Mike Boote 3
Nope - North America.


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