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Trump Proposes Sale of Washington Dulles and National Airports

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US president Donald Trump hopes to divest federal assets under his long-awaited infrastructure plan, including possibly Washington Dulles and Ronald Reagan Washington National airports. ( עוד...

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anthony mchale 2
We have a number of more important problems besides a proposed sale of 2 airports. WTF?
canuck44 1
At the very least this privatization will remove one layer of bureaucracy. I suspect this is more than the sale of two airports but will be one of many sales especially in the West and Alaska where the BLM controls much of the land. If the Feds save $63 Million per year plus the cost of bureaucrats on two sales imagine how much can be salvaged by getting rid of all their holdings.
matt jensen 1
Won't be long before he sells the National Park System too.
linbb 1
Sound like a good idea to me glad you brought it up. Might work better than it does now with less fat in it.
matt jensen 1
It's works to a point. Over weight system, with too many chiefs.

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