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PICTURES: 'New Lufthansa livery' leaks ahead of unveiling event

Images of a new Lufthansa livery have surfaced online, days before the expected official unveiling at an event the airline is hosting on 7 February. ( More...

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bob proud 3
Take the Qantas livery. Replace the "roo with the bird. Switch from Red to Blue. Done.
Kevin Haiduk 2
Looks nice and clean. Nice to see the 748!
Shenghao Han 2
Yeah, I guess reducing number of colors used also saves money to repaint old/new planes. (Old livery had use blue, grey, yellow, now looks like it used blue only, white doesn't count since it is the base color of almost all planes.)
Tony Gallo 2
The new livery is blah, blue tail... wow. Lufthansa retro livery on the a321 is where its at!! Bring back that livery!
shrudini 1
I like the old livery better.
s2v8377 0


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