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American Airlines’ Problem: Management is Out of Touch With Customers

The most successful businesses try to understand their customers, figure out how to add more value, sometimes even before customers themselves know what they need. Executives work to understand a product, how it’s experienced by customers, even before it’s introduced to customers. That’s the very opposite of doing the least amount possible for customers. Doug Parker spoke with employees American Airlines ‘Crew News’ this past week, and he seemed to reveal which approach they take at American… ( More...

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744pnf 5
Again I suggest that ALL airline management travel in standard Coach on ALL flights.

Agreed. Every airline management team including mr Parker need to travel coach. Try flying in am for work and return same night on cattle class
Bernie20910 3
I think where the article really errs is in the assumption that any of the current management has EVER been in touch with the customers. Not for the last 30 years they haven't been, which means no one who currently works in management ever was.

Let's face it too that the goal of management is, has been, and always will be, to make more money for the shareholders. The shareholders don't give a tinker's damn about the customers, they only care about their dividend checks, so the executives don't care either. They're too focused on things that increase profits, regardless of customer impact. Deregulation was an absolute boon to the airlines because it gave them free rein to explore a lot of new ways to increase profits but, as always, when profits increase it never benefits the pax.
Well the "proposed cabin refits" with the much needed "power" brings the older aircraft to same seat size as the new shrunk seats. For e.g. the refit of 737-800 will make it the same capacity as the new MAX I.e. the total passenger count increases from 160 to 172. Guess where room for the extra 12 passengers is coming from. An inch from first, an inch from MCE, another from cattle class, fourth from wooden planks for seats etc.

Sure the MAX is so much more nicer and comfortable !!!
ADXbear 2
As a disabled person, walking to the Lavatory is a BIG deal. but using the Lav is just plain stupid. Its hard to take a pee and forget about doing number 2.. there is absolutely no room for either... My last trip x country I ended up on supplemental O2 for the last 45 min of the flight because of all the physical exertion just to deal with the Lav... then make it back to my seat.. I was wondering where the ADA act comes in on these designs.. As a result, I am forced to only take flights with long layovers so I can use the bathroom on the ground.
I think that the power or bathroom issues are coming on top of many AA problems. For frequent flyers the devaluation of miles hit the most. They are cutting back services and benefits and you have to pay more. Now the seat size is shinking. Is there any reason why I should choose AA over any other airline?
chalet 1
C' on guys, it is not the management of the Big 4 Airlines´ fault, it is the damn WASHINGTON FETID SWAMP that approved the mergers of several airlines that quite effectively killed competition. Business Administration 101.
chuck berlin 1
Agreed on all points below. Airline management just doesn't have a clue about what it is to fly for business. They THINK that they are experienced travelers because they fly often on passes but they don't get "it".

Issue in point is when Parker was asked about the deficiencies in the new 737MAX, his reply was "i haven't been on on yet"

my issue with AA is I don't think that THEY know what they want to be.

Do they want to be a first rate legacy carrier and upgrade service to attract the business customer or do they want to fight for Group 9 seats?

They say that they are committed to the business traveller but they way that they have configured their new 737MAX shows just the opposite

They also do VERY stupid things - i just bought a 1 way LGA-ORD ticket for $44.30!! What nonsense... i am sure that some pricing algorithm spit this out but what is the common sense behind this?
this is nothing new..American management from the top down to local managers and supervisors was out of step with reality for years before the merger with us airways..a letter from a platinum or gold flyer was always of more worth than a letter from a person who may not have held the frequent flyer status,or had the ability to upgrade easily..i might add also,that management personnel,especailly those from headquarters.were always treated with kid gloves,and were not necessarily made aware of any issues from passengers,nor employees with regard to the flight experiences...


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