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Hawaiian Airlines A332 has ENGINE ON FIRE at Seattle!

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[07/NOV/2017] A Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-243 (N375HA) performing ferry flight HAL8075 from Everett-Paine Field KPAE to Seattle-Tacoma KSEA was landing on runway 16L when its number 1 engine caught fire and apparent streaks of flame originated. The controller and other airplanes alerted and the pilots stopped the aircraft on the runway for a safe inspection. ( עוד...

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matt jensen 2
Did not occur today
shrudini 0
date is 11-07-2017
pilotjag 2
Yes and that is well over a month ago! Please post events that occurred recently and not more than a month ago!
ThinkingGuy 0
Rule of thumb: if a headline ends with an exclamation point, the story is probably not worth reading.
linbb 0
Stupid post got caught on it.

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