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Boeing completes first 737NG conversion to freighter

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Boeing completed the first conversion of a 737-800 Next Generation jet to the freighter function last week, a result of the program launched in February 2016. ( עוד...

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chalet 1
Does anyone know the prices charged by Boing and Israel's IAI for effecting this conversion.
Randall Kimm 1
Checkout Cargo Jet Canada. Their expanding fleet of aircraft have all been converted by IAI. Or findout who does most of these conversions. Check all of the major couriers like UPS,FED EX and DHL. Thats where you will likely find your answers.
chalet 1
Unfortunately neither of them reveal prices, only in publications. Will keep trying.
pilotjag 1
Already posted!
Kris Durbin 1
I am sure these will be common sites with the Prime Air livery at an airport near you soon.

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