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ATSB Probes Air New Zealand Boeing 777 Descent Below Minimum Altitude

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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is investigating an incident on 18 November where an Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER descended below minimum safe altitude while on approach to land at Brisbane airport. ( עוד...

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Aidan Hutchison 7
I'm willing to bet this was a case of automation dependency.
vector4traffic 4
Still, how hard is it to set the ALT and press ALT HLD on the AP?
bartmiller 3
That might have been the problem. Aidan could be right: maybe they did select Alt Hold, but set it wrong? Then had fuss around to figure out how to disengage it.

I'm not a big fan of having the AP handle approach step-down fixes. Too many instructions in a short time, so too much button-fussing when I need to be looking at the gauges or out the window.

On a precision approach, once I get a "cleared for the approach", I don't mind engaging the AP to ride the glide slopes. (Though I really like to hand-fly these most of the time, to keep myself sharp ... and it's fun.)
James T 2
chalet 1
A very obvious mistake by both pilots more so if APPcon or tower alerted them and still descended another 500 ft. This could be then end of their careers at this airline anyway.
Dave Fisher 0
"The ATSB will review recorded data, interview the flight crew and gather additional data. The investigation is expected to be complete by April 2018."

oh, the wheels of bureaucracy turn ever so slowly...
brownbearwolf -1
Okay, was it en-route or in the terminal area? On Approach in to BN then below G/P? CASA use a bigger stick to hit pilots with for that. But lets wait till all sides of the event have their say. Some years ago on a domestic flight into CN, on a DME/NDE let down, the Aero broke cloud and was below the minima. Eventually a CASA employee was a pax on a later flight and noted the same thing happen. The Approach was re-designed. Can only wait for the full report to surface.
captleo 1
while on approach to land at Brisbane airport.
James Carlson 1
En-route at 3000 feet?
captleo -6
SIR, CAN I READ IT FOR U? while on approach to land at Brisbane airport.
James Carlson 5
I was replying to the original poster, who asked if it was en-route. It seems like sort of an odd question, no?

If I'd wanted to reply to your comment then ... wait for it ... I would have replied to your comment.
Peter Maas -1
that is why I always distrust digital information.

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