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Flight Ops on the USS Gerald R. Ford with the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS)

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Squadron flight operations are now being performed using the long awaited EMALS. ( עוד...

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Isaac Stebleton 6
That's exciting. It looks weird without the steam!
Elliot Cannon 1
Oops! Make that EMALS.
There are some theme park rides that use that same type system.
Brian Acquistapace 1
Been on one of them... believe me, its quite a rush.
Elliot Cannon 1
Not too long ago, President Donald "I know more than the generals" Trump insisted that the old steam catault should be used because EALS would be too expensive. I wonder where he got all his military experetise? Maybe from his Podiatrist.
btweston 1
Ahh lay off. It’s not his fault he’s a moron. Poor guy just wants to play President: I’m more worried about his cynical enablers and the braindead hordes that voted for such an obvious moron.
Isaac Stebleton 5
Let's not get political. This it to help us Americans.
joel wiley 1
Typo alert: enablers should read puppeteers
Jon Herd 0
You don't like democracy? You prefer communism?
joel wiley 1
Actually, I prefer a republic like ours. Not that I am completely happy with its current condition, but people have felt that way for over 200 years.
SmokedChops 0
Well put! ( if he actually visited a DPM at all..)
8literbeater 0
I'm not sure what this video or any of these comments are doing toward justifying the cost of the new system.

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