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Boeing Responds to Revived Interest in Passenger-Carrying 767

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Boeing sees “broader customer interest” in the 767 beyond military tankers and commercial freighters, says chairman, president and chief executive Dennis Muilenburg on a 25 October earnings call. ( עוד...

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patrick baker 1
since the airbus 300 neo's are more of the same, slightly improved, and not selling like hotcakes or any kind of cakes, it seems possible to me that the 767, with some tweaking, could be a fair offering for many years to come. I still hope, against hope, for the ad vent of the 757NEO, but that sweet bird would muddle boeing's product line.
Curlee M Ware 1
"Muddle", you mean "MAKE", or complete, compliment Boeings product line. 321's wouldn't be the only option and no need to rush MOM airframe. I'm sure in retrospect Boeing regrets shutting 757 production down now as 321's sell like hotcakes.

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