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WOW Air Announces New Nonstop Flights to Iceland from Dallas/Fort Worth

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Starting in May, North Texans will be able to travel to Iceland for $99. Ultra-low cost carrier, Wow Air plans to launch nonstop flights from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to Reykjavik, offering $99 one-way fares. The airline will also offer $149 one-way connecting fares to 22 destinations in Europe including Paris, Frankfurt, Barcelona and London. ( עוד...

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Chuck Accurso 3
one way fare, bet it costs more than that for a return flight to DFW
gerardo godoy 1
If they can fly at that price, ALL should do it. It's a complete Steal what the usual Airlines charge. Some Mafia....
Patrick Thomas 3
alex hidveghy 1
Remember Sir Freddie Laker in the 70s and his fleet of DC-10s??.......
krispykreme 1
Most low cost European carriers are hiring contract pilots who are paid much lower wages than flag carriers. Their pay is decreasing rapidly. Some new hires are forced to live in hostels. The pilot shortage and aggressive growth makes it difficult for them to keep the schedule. Their shortage of pilots is compounded by their below-average pay, attracting primarily inexperienced, low time pilots. Expect delays and cancellations. Mainline US carriers typically pay 3 to 4 times Euro LCC salaries. You are paying flag carriers a reasonable fare for crew experience and a more robust network with reasonable staffing levels.
Morris Reddic 1
OK, so no I know,who,s renting space at former United and Alaska counters in terminal E since they moved to different location!

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