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AOPA Backs New Senate FAA Bill

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The U.S. Senate released a draft FAA reauthorization bill June 22, the day after a controversial bill to continue FAA operations was introduced in the House of Representatives. Unlike the proposed House bill, the Senate version would keep air traffic control in the hands of the FAA. ( עוד...

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Nick2024 2
I think the panel will not look after the best interests of all aspects in aviation. The airlines will own that board for sure. Maybe the answer is draining the swamp so to speak :) by removing some managers that are not being productive . Lowers expenses and gets things done
patrick baker 4
having worked for the agency, I am not alone in thinking out loud the opinion that the managers of FAA are in total, the least qualified, least competent, least capable group of persons entrusted with running any operation anywhere in the world. The folks that do real work- controllers, especially, are regarded as insects, not given resources or respect or very much help in completing their daily work. Having said that, I am skeptical that privatization is any answer, and maybe worse. It may solve the meddling activites by the government, by reducing the number of people having a say in the agency, but is that in itself really better>
Highflyer1950 2
I like where your thinking is at, however it may a lot easier to persuade or convince a small, proactive board who is representative of all aspects of aviation. The more managers you have the more muddled the water and in the infamous words from someone I once read........"please do not muddy the water around you, you may have to drink it soon"!
There is a valid argument that the government does a lousy job running any of it's agencies. That said, I don't see them privatizing unless they see a way to line their pockets (personally, taxes, fees, etc). It certainly won't be to save money or increase efficiency.

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