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Company to Build Amphibious Planes in U.S.

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BRUNSWICK, Maine (AP) — An aircraft manufacturer that intends to build two-seat, amphibious planes designed in Finland for the North American market is poised to become the first company to build planes at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station, officials said Tuesday. ( עוד...

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Martin Haisman 1
Interesting similar performance and lighter then A5 and around $160,000 USD.
Taylor Jones 1
Interesting. I had never heard of the Atol or the MVP Aero before. Interesting that this type of craft is trending. Though I do have to say the Icon A5 has been around for a while so it's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of LSA amphibs. I also know the A5 has stall and spin protection, and also that both wings fold back and it has a trailer so you can tow it like a boat. Sure, it's a lot pricier, but I think many people spend comparable amounts on boats already. I would never own a boat, but I could be inclined to at least consider owning an A5.
Larry Bowdish 1
I think this is very cool
Mike Williams 1
I agree it is very cool but I hope no one has to use a paddle. Some years ago I and friends paddled up a river in a canoe. Hard work but goes backward when rest time is needed.
Martin Haisman 1
Rivers have strong currents in most places. Comparatively lakes depending on depth and location have marginal current due mainly due to wind. As for a paddle the main concern is space in the cockpit and of course everything adds weight. More so they have lovely photos and and images of people fishing. Aside from the weight the last thing I would want is a cockpit smelling of fish. The marketing machine is in overtime for these but piloting requires concentration, dedication and judging and gauging water conditions for landing is a whole different area. Already the first A5 has been deep-sixed awaiting for that accident report.
Maustintx 2
It's amazing what a marketing group will show when trying to promote a new product or idea. I have seen a few projects go down in flames (figuratively) because marketing said "this is what our customers want" with no real idea if the customers actually want it or any market research to back it up ;-)

Fishing in a lightsport on a river? Hmmmm?

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