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B-29 "Doc" Gets New Airworthiness Certificate March 10 2017

B-29 "Doc" has officially completed ‘phase one’ of its flight test operations. The Federal Aviation Administration approved a new airworthiness certificate for the historic warbird. ( More...

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Woohoo! Doc can finally leave the nest!
Alan Brown 6
It will be great to have another B-29 on tour. Hope it gets to Denver soon.
bbabis 5
Great news! Please take care of him.
joel wiley 2
I keep thinking, that even with a simiar expenditure of time talent and treasure applied to refubishing my frame and parts, I wouldn't look or operate nearly as good. Great job by a great crew. Hope to see it in the flesh someday.
djames225 2
If you folks get a chance, go see "Doc"...they have done a magnificent job restoring the old bird, and as Michael said, can finally leave the nest.
I was the Electronic Flight Chief for the 360th Bomber Squadron 303rd Bomb Wing, (Responsible for maintenance of the Radar Bomb sight & Navigation Equipment on 15, B-29,s), during the earl days of the Korea War. i DID FLY ON THE b-29 SEVERAL Times during this period. Nothing like a SAC maximum effort with 45, B29's all in the air at the same time, a thrill which will never happen again
Gerald Collins: I don't know which Sq. my father in law flew with during Korea.He was Maj. Ernest E. Booth. He had been an instructor pilot during WWII, finishing in Boise, ID. Flew in the Berlin Airlift (wife and young daughter moved to war torn Germany to live during that period!?!) He flew in Korea and then with SAC. Finished his career as ops. commander at Loring AFB.Thanks for your service.
My late father-in-law flew the B-29 during the Korean Conflict. My wife would love to see one up close--hopefully they would sell rides when on tour.

mherlich 1
B-29 "Fifi" paid a visit to my town a few months ago. I had the opportunity to see her take off and fly overhead. What a magnificent aircraft!
J Sandusky 1
I had the good fortune to get to tour the inside of "FiFi" back in the 70's. I lost my pictures over time though, you know divorce...etc.. I sat in the pilot seat and took a pic of the steering wheel with the Boeing logo. It was an awesome day.
djames225 1
The first half of "Doc's" tour has been finalized.

B-29 Doc will make the following tour stops:

* B-29 Doc Open House: Yingling Aviation, Wichita, Kan., April 22

* Defenders of Liberty: Barksdale Air Force Base, Bossier City, La., May 6-7

* Wings Over Whiteman: Whiteman Air Force Base, Knob Noster, Mo., June 10-11

* EAA AirVenture: Oshkosh, Wis., July 24-30

Hopefully 1 of these stops will allow you to see "Doc" in person.
sparkie624 1
Fantastic News.. I really love seeing these planes fly... There isn't nothing that can compare to them... The true sound of Freedom!
Way to go, Doc!
Peter Maas 0
Fantastic!!!!! The B-29 saved my life. If it had not been assigned to drop the Atom bomb on Japan then I would not be sitting here.
EMK69 1
Who were you with?
Peter Maas 1
this was the year 1942 when my mother and I along with my brother and sister were taken away in a Japanese truck convoy and put in the Japanese concecration camp on JAVA, INDONESIA. I am the oldest in my family. My Dad was caught on BORNEO and we did not hear from him for 6 years. We were rescued 4 years later by the Allied troops. Because the Atom Bomb was dropped on Japan resulting the surrender of JAPAN and kept us alive. JAPAN
wanted to conquer the World. I am a U.S. Air Force Veteran and believe it or not was stationed in Japan in the beginning stages of the Vietnam War. I have been in the B-29 and it is a fantastic aircraft. My Dad was stationed in INDONESIA for 22 years with the ARMY and worked closely with the C.I.A.. My son is with the AIR COMBAT WING in the Pentagon and his son (my grandson) is also in The Air Force. I remember World War II vividly and the conditions we suffered in the Japanese Camp.I am also a member with the AMERICAN LEGION and am on the COLOR GUARD . I carry the American flag at the ceremonies.I hope you did not fall asleep reading this lengthy answer. Peter Maas
joel wiley 1
Stayed awake waiting for more. Thanks for your family's service.
Peter Maas 0
you are welcome. I have never bought a car with the Japanese name on it, even though some are being built in the U.S.A. I can hardly wait to find out how our Military is going to progress under the TRUMP'S administration. The Air Force needs 15000 pilots. Also the equipment needs to be updated. I believe in what the President said: "PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH".


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