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Boeing celebrates 787-10 roll out

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Boeing says the largest version of its 787 Dreamliner family is on track to make its first flight in the coming weeks, following its official unveiling on Friday (US time). The 787-10, the third variant of the 787, was presented to employees, media and invited guests, including the US president, during the roll-out ceremony held at Boeing’s North Charleston, South Carolina facility. Following the roll-out, Boeing said the first 787-10, N528ZC, would “now be prepared for its first flight in the… ( עוד...

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Andreas Goedde 2
She may be sleek looking, but if the seat pitch will be like in a Air New Zealand 777-300ER, I wouldn’t want to go on a 30-minute Flight-To-Nowhere in that contraption.
BOAC747 1
I thought UAL was the launch customer for this aircraft?
Roy Hunte 1
For North America.
Tom Pera 1
wonder if flight testing will be out in Seattle area? Think it will... they always do some testing out my back door at old Mather AFB, Sacramento... getting my camera ready
joel wiley 0
Hi neighbor, I'm just over the hill under the 22 approach. This one is doing the Charleston SC rollout and maybe they have different test flight routes.
N528ZC isn't in the FA or databases yet, so alerts won't work.
Tom Pera 1
I'm just above Lake Natoma - Fair oaks..we've probably waved at the end of 22 when something interesting comes in

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