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Boeing Construction Milestone On 787 Final Assembly Plant

September 27, 2010 - Boeing on Friday marked completion of the steel framework for its new 787 Dreamliner Final Assembly building with a special topping-out ceremony. The event was held in conjunction with BE&K/Turner, the design-builder of the facility. ( More...

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bees31ballard 0
Tremendous milestone for South Carolina. I love Boeing aircraft. I have toured the Everett facility twice and respect the people and the aircraft of Washington State a whole lot. This just makes Boeing bigger and better than Airbus. No shame on Everett, just a natural growth evolution that will make the company stronger and more viable for the future.
bob reid 0
Thank the overzelous bureaucrats and unions in Everett. Their actions led to the decision to move to a state with less interference from government and unions. I believe they want to look like Michigan in a few more years.
Les Eders 0
Boeing has its head up its butt with this aircraft...last I heard they are having engine trouble...they complain about Airbus being a foreign company but fail to mention they outsource a big portion of their parts and assemblies...I think it is arrogant of Boeing to think they should build everything that flies....and yes boeing moved some of its operations to the south but it was for money saving not government interference....Boeing has taken the tax payers of this state for a good ride....the state paid to build a training center the tax concessions to this large money making company are criminal...boeing is laughing up its sleeve at this state government...for my money boeing can go away.....


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