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Incident: Scoot B787 near Singapore on Nov 26th 2016, engine shut down in flight

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A Scoot Boeing 787-900, registration 9V-OJF performing flight TZ-1 from Sydney,NS (Australia) to Singapore (Singapore), was descending towards Singapore when the right hand engine (Trent 1000) emitted sparks through the tailpipe. ( עוד...

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Ian Deans 2
The comments attached to the article are more about Rolls Royce vs Genex rather than Airbus vs Boeing. Get over it guys. Rolls is currently having a blip with its Trents, that's all.
djames225 2
Sorry's just when an incident report gets filed, be it against Boeing, Airbus, Rolls, GE or P&W, and commenters think the original squawker is a fanboy etc of 1 particular item, it irks me.
Richard Smith -1
OMG! One of the thousands of Boeing aircraft flying in the world today had to shut down an engine and safely returned to the ground! Did any Airbus airplanes have problems today? Or, are they perfect? I see thru your plan, MH370. Does Airbus pay you?
djames225 0
Are you well???...he files an incident report on an aircraft, and you go ballistic thinking he's trying to sabotage Airbus Industrie.
garrettgee2001 -1
I hate to say it, but I kind of agree with Richard Smith here. If you look at the history, the only "report" MH370 posts are Boeing incidents/accidents, but only reports the "good" things for Airbus... Not a "fanboy", but I must admit, it is slightly annoying...

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