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JetBlue Considers Adding Routes to Europe

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JetBlue Airways Corp. said it is considering adding routes to Europe in the next few years, as it reported second-quarter results on Tuesday that beat Wall Street expectations. A move into the European market would be a major strategic shift for the primarily domestic discount airline. ( עוד...

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patrick baker 2
we will know they mean business when they order A350's. I am not persuaded that A321LR aircraft would be adequate for transatlantic flights, no matter what airbus says about that. If they order 20 A350's , then that would be interesting, VERY interesting. With the number of 777's coming off lease coinciding with the new generation 777's, there lies the opportunity to get big/long/far/crowded quickly. Older airplanes, lower cost structure- could work.....
carpetshoe 2
The A321neo LRs you mention, with a range of 4000nmi/4600mi, JetBlue could perform JFK-LHR , JFK-FRA, JFK-CDG or other second tier airports without a problem. Would be interesting to change the dynamics of legacy carriers in this way. We shall see what happens!
David Restrick 1
I'd like to see them do a BOS-MAN like American used to do, or even a BOS-LHR would be good, especially since Boston is Jet Blue hub.
Jeff Coghill 2
Oh please, oh please, oh please! And thank you.
Peter McDevitt 2
Speaking for myself, I do NOT want to fly across the pond in a narrow body (with the exception of a G650) period. Give me a big guy anytime, even if it's a 330
BoeingsBoss 2
Would you do it in the 757's that Iceland Air uses to get to Reykjavik?
Peter McDevitt 2
Only if in a pinch and then only in Business. Does Iceland Air even have Business?
BoeingsBoss 1
Yes Icelandair (I spelled it wrong the first time) does have the equivalent of business class, they call it Saga Class.
paul gilpin 2
japanjeff 1
Booo, paywall...
will maldonado 1
Jet Blue..the best airline. Hope to see you...flying to Europe...great!!! The best airline.
David Restrick 1
Now wouldn't that be interesting? It would certainly shake up the current market!

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