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Airbus reveals plan for even more passengers on A380 aircraft.

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Three-four-three, three-five-three - they sound like football formations being mulled over by managers of teams at the Euro 2016 tournament which starts this week. But while formations are regarded as only so important when designing a winning formula on the pitch (and the goalkeeper-less line-up is unlikely, unless desperate), they are far more vital when it comes to organising people in the sky. For this is how airlines and airplane makers look to maximise passenger numbers - and therefore… ( עוד...

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Shenghao Han 5
Will there be enough life jacket for 3rd-calss passengers? (Titanic Joke)
Torsten Hoff 4
Time to bring back "steerage"...
joel wiley 3
Or even 'cordwood'class.
The next Airbus 380 will be dubbed the Oasis of the Seas, after the 5,000 plus passenger cruise liner. Mealtimes, as on such cruises, will be challenging. I'll stay home.
Parakulam Seshadri 1
Given a chance, most flyers will abandon flying in this aircraft. Are we to be treated like cattle?
honza nl 2
The Boeing Crampliners offer the smallest seats so maybe think of the Delta CS-series to come?
patricia Hill 0
Yip..loved my last flight...personal search without any notification....boss git his boarding pass and almost got sent to Arabia instead of Connecticut....we boarded in proper order only to find that the overheads were crammed full and my ins small bag would not fit so it had to be put under the seat in front of me...hey, I'm 5'7", not a real monster, it restricted my legs for 2 hours and threw my knees and one hip out to the point that I could hardly get to my car after the flight.....yip, can't wait to see what us paying customers will get treated to next
Alcides Segovia 0
I simply will not fly on a A380 under those conditions. How long will it take to get those people to get their overhead bins set? No thanks

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