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US to trial British anti-drone system at airports

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The US Federal Aviation Administration is undertaking airport trials of a counter-drone system developed jointly by three UK companies. According to the AUDS partners, the entire operation from threat detection to grounding typically takes 8-15 seconds. ( עוד...

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Bill Fox 3
I know the guys a Blighter, they have a pretty cool radar also used for border patrol and ground defense. A company I work with supplies the radar tracking software for this and related applications.
AWAAlum 2
I caught a short clip on yesterday's news ... apparently there's an outfit training eagles to take down drones. There was a video of an eagle taking after a drone and grabbing it in its talons. Don't know what happens to it from there, but it was kinda neat to see.
btweston 2
When you see people flying drones around with a cell phone one has to think that they are fairly easy to hack, with or without radar and infrared cameras.
canuck44 2
I am only surprised we haven't heard the Israelis have not already developed something to do the same job, not just at airports.
lusitan 0
Already have it, just not advertising it... what a concept...
Victor Engel 1
Glad to see there is an effort to minimize fratricide.

jrollf 0
So did the FAA get an exemption from the FCC to violate existing law that prohibits blocking / interfering with any radio frequencies? What happens when this device 'takes down a drone' and it slams into someone's head, car, etc? I bet the FAA will quickly find themselves on the other end of a lawsuit.
canuck44 0
Different rules for government and anyone named Clinton.

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