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Bombardier launches 90 seat Q400 turboprop airliner

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Bombardier launched a 90 seat variant of its Q400 aircraft, making it the world’s only commercial turboprop capable of carrying 90 passengers. ( עוד...

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Ruger9X19 3
800 hours between A checks? I don't know weather to be scared or impressed.
oowmmr 2
This morning I read Bombardier is laying of 7000 employees.
Claude B. 0
I just read yesterday Boeing will laying of from 4000 up to 8000 workers.
Claude B. 1
Plus 14,000 retirement on its way!
Tony Smith 1
Really don't want to ever fly in one of these.
dee9bee 1
Can you say 'tailstrike'? We'll see.
dee9bee 1
I stand corrected, I see the outside dimensions will remain the same.
Claude B. 1
Perfect for Porter Air Line if it is impossible to have the CSeries there.
scott8733 1
I'd consider 28" pitch corporal punishment for anyone over 5'-9". Perhaps the model designation should be " DVT 400"
Kawaiipoint2 1
Strictly for a European low cost carrier market. Itll never fly in the US
Wolfgang Prigge 1
28" pitch is barely adequate for a school bus intended for primary schools.
jwmson 1
28" pitch? "The cattle will please refrain from mooing."
michael dallaverde 0
michael dallaverde -6
If an airline purchases this "New" product, it speaks volumes about what they think about their passengers. Sadly, this is a desperate attempt my bombardier to reignite a dieing product.
DAL521 5
dying product?? The Q400 is the most successful Turboprop ever build! And they only making this move to increase the Seat capacity because there is a demand from airlines.
michael dallaverde 0
Oh fun, I can argue that point any way you choose. Q vs. ATR? Q orders vs turbo jet. American airlines operating Q's...vs? Keep in mind I used to work for Bombardier...know a LOT about the Q program. Do you have a link citing the "most successful turboprop ever built"? Check the order logs...the plane is too expensive comparatively....we can review what Republic did with theirs? Your choice.
Claude B. 1
It is faster then ATR.
michael dallaverde 1
I don't deny the plane was successful. I'm arguing its on its last leg. All great planes suffer this inevitable fate. 727, MD-80s, CRJ-200, sadly....the 747...Very sad. I wish they'd bring back the older dash-8s...(100 they 300) personally.
DAL521 2
I have read "the most successful Turboprop ever build" in a Magazine from my home Airport some times ago, okay could be also some promotional lie. But any way, for me it is the best Turboprop, many airlines have chosen the Q400 in the last years especially Asian Airlines. But your right all great planes suffer this fate, it seems so that quality means nothing today it's only about god dam'n money.
Kimane charles 1
Agreed dal. It's the best most reliable plane. They are all over the Caribbean. The Atr 72-600 give a lot of problems but the dash 8 just works

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