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United Will Launch Longest 787 Dreamliner Route, San Francisco To Singapore Covering 8433 Miles

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United Airlines has announced that it plans to start scheduled service between its hub in San Francisco, SFO, and Singapore, SIN, starting June 1st using a Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner configured with 48 in Business First and 204 in couch. The 8,433 mile route according to United Airlines will take approximately... ( עוד...

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Allan Main 4
Any flight over 8 hours or so is a total pain so the extra seven or eight are just par for the course. The alternatives are one or two stops with airport layovers that are equally a PITA. Me for one. I prefer to take the pain in one dose and get it over with ASAP. 16 hours NY to HK stirs up some bum numbing memories.
jeff slack 1
I love the HK to EWR flight but I sit in Business.
I would never, ever, ever do it down the back.

Iam by no stretch of the imagination wealthy, but I always fly up front.
I refuse to fly down the back.

I save a little longer or cut out the moderate or premium hotels and pick up the safest cheapest option to help me buy my seat up front.
You get what you pay for.
Life is short, enjoy your ride.
Torsten Hoff 2
>> 204 in couch.

That sounds even better than Business First!
Alejandro S 1
Thanks for the typo alert :-) I agree a couch is probably better than coach seating
william baker 1
I would hope you didn't try to put 204 on a couch lol. Umm couch or coach sir or ma'am umm I'll take coach please. LOL
wx1996 1
The layout does not look so bad.
48 BusinessFirst
88 Economy Plus
116 Economy
Nick Carlson 4
3-3-3 seating in economy, 17.3" width, 3" recline, 16 hours? Talk about torture! United is supposed to be working on making things less awful. As a starter they might look at JAL' s version with 2-2-2, 18.9" width and 33"pitch. This is far more appropriate for long haul.
linbb 1
Did you mean coach class?
Torsten Hoff 1
I'm making light of the fact that there was a funny typo in the squawk.
Max G 2
Congrats United!
bigkahuna400 2
Boy, this will be a bad flight as the US airlines cannot even come close to competing with international carriers. Can you imagine being stuck in a UAL couch seat with your knees stuck against the seat in front of you for that long. Yuch! When they come up to standards then maybe, but that is a BIG "if".
Jim Williams 1
Can't see me sitting for 16:30 WOW
TWA55 1
One more way to cause passengers more pain, how true, over 8 hours and that is pushing things, would give me real cause to look elsewhere for a more comfortable trip.I guess they won't be happy till someone flies around the world in coach, e gods
TWA55 1
One last thought, they say the aircraft has to fly to make money, things must not be too great at United.
Jeffrey Johnson 1
And only $5876 one way for business. That's $.70 per mile.
william baker 1
Well there goes Singapore Airlines Route lol. United Beat you to it. Hahaha
Andy Cruickshank 5
I would way sooner fly SIA than UA on that long a haul
william baker 3
Well yes but I didn't say that. United just beat Singapore to the punch on getting a direct flight to the Us was all I said lol.
Andy Cruickshank 2
Recently ANZ started IAH to Auckland. For us east coasters this beats the hell out of tramping to the west coast. Not SIN I understand but better alternatives. Cheers
George Reeve 1
Will United be taking out the Plywood from under the thin seat cushions that are becoming the characteristic/standard of their coach class and will the seats be able to recline from the vertical more than 1inch as we are now subjected to. It was more comfortable flying the Lockheed 1011 or a noisy Viscount in those days than todays squashed flights.
Rajesh Gupta 1
Isn't Air-India already doing it since about 1/1/2015?
Andy Cruickshank 2
No. They have significant challenges with their fleet of 787s
Jeffrey Johnson 0
That's code for their maintenance staff.
Ric Wernicke -4
Why does United think that I want to transit through Baghdad-by-the-Bay to get to Singapore? Los Angeles is where the passengers are, and none of them wants to crowd into one of United's cluster jets for the first or last hour of the flight.

Hopefully SQ will bring back the LAX flight now that fuel is cheap enough, and Pres. Trump will keep it that way.
milypan 1
On a route of this length, the 789 will likely already be weight limited and/or need to do tech stops when the winds are unfavorable. Adding on an extra 45 minutes of flight to LAX would only make things even worse. And, in fairness, the coach seating situation on the UA 787 isn't any better than on their narrow-bodies. In fact, as a frequent United flyer, I'd take one of their E-175 seats over the 787 seats.

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