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Small plane crash in dear valley

A plane was obliterated upon impact when it crashed into a building near Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix, killing at least one person ( More...

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Steve Maslow 0
That would be Deer Valley for the record.
gkamilar 0
Don't you just love how the media ignorantly hints at possible causes: "The plane crashed shortly before the control tower officially opened at 6 a.m.", and "It is not yet known if the flight was a training flight..."; neither of which would seem to have any possible bearing on this crash.
gkamilar 0
Following to the Fox news department in Phoenix for taking my call and actually listening to my concerns about the story. Seems they have a local flight instructor in the SR22 who is advising them on the continuing coverage.
Rich Brown 0
Reminds me of the Michelin Press Release refering to the "Leer" jet crash.


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