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Boeing, Lockheed challenge US bomber contract award

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Boeing and Lockheed Martin challenged Friday the US Air Force's awarding of a huge bomber contract to Northrop Grumman, saying the decision was "fundamentally flawed". Partners in the bidding for the multibillion-dollar contract to build the Long Range Strike Bomber (LRSB), the companies said the decision had not fairly weighed their commitment to keeping prices under control. They filed a formal protest asking the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) to review last… ( עוד...

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joel wiley 4
Contract protest is about as as predictable as gravity.
jbqwik 2
Predictable. Don't they have enough tax dollars coming-in already? Sore losers.
This time around the entire process was very carefully handled and well vetted. The only outcome here is a waste of precious time and taxpayer money.
Hmmm Boeing waits until the last day to file. Maybe there's a bit of a drama at Paine Field? They certainly have enough on their plate already and wouldn't this stretch them thin? Yeah, sore losers.
Tim Marks 1
Actually, the decision came from downtown Chicago where the headquarters is located, but yes the drama is all about being able to throw some sand in the sandbox after being told no by the Pentagon. Boeing has little in the way of military contracts that are pending - mostly satellite work - and will be primed for whatever comes down the pipe next (6th gen fighter?). Lockheed on the other hand has plenty of military work for the foreseeable future. Lockheed came out the winner in this loss and now Boeing needs to scream foul as loud as they can - guess no one in their management saw that one coming, but I am sure Lockheed did.
Thomas Cain 1
It may also have to do with how much over budget and far behind Lockheed is with the F-35!
matt jensen 1
Well of course they did. A little bit late, since neither company has built one in decades.
Les Heinke 1
This is normal for defense contractors. If they feel like they have a chance of repealing they will file a protest. Boeing is trying to save it's defense arm since Long Beach stopped making C-17's and St. Louis is winding down on Super Hornet and Growler production, they are trying to save the workforce somewhat.
Pileits 1
I certainly don't recall reading about any sort of bidding competition. Or any kind of product evaluation. Just suddenly I read a contract is already signed for the newest Air Force bomber.

My take is Boeing knows very well how to build BIG, FAST airplanes at very reasonable prices, just don't allow to much meddling by congress and the Air Force before it will quickly become a serious mess once the government starts messing with the building process.
matt jensen 2
Govt mandates bidding. Northrop won the contract. Boeing complained bitterly about it 10 days ago. This is their whinny response. Boeing hasn't built a bomber since I was a teenager and I'm 74 now.
s2v8377 3
Yes, and Boeing's B-52's were built so well that they're still flying today!!!
jbqwik 3
Exactly the point. It's such a great plane it's still going! But that great management has drastically changed, and not for the better. Remember, this managemtn is the one that knew better about LiON chemistry than the rest of the world. Which they still haven't figured out.
I'm not a Boeing Basher by any means. But, oh brother, Boeing's current management is so self-serving... Anyway, in this case, Northrup is the best choice.
BurntOut 2
Don't forget that in 1996 Boeing 'bought' the North American Aviation business segment from Rockwell International. These were the folks who built the F100, P51, B1, the Apollo Command & Service modules, and the Space Shuttle. But everyone who designed these great aerospace vehicles are either dead or nearly dead (like me). Remember that the government takes into account the past performance and Lockheed's past performance on the fighter is not too good. Then take into account Boeing's recent performance on the new tanker and the sub hunter and it's not a surprise they lost.

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