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Pilot spots large object off Reunion, aviation authorities say

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(CNN)Nearly two months after debris from the vanished Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 washed up on Reunion Island, a large object reportedly floating off the island has piqued the interest of French officials there. An Air France pilot reported seeing "a white object" floating in the Indian Ocean on Tuesday morning about 70 kilometers (43 miles) northwest of the French island, said Siva Vadivelou, assistant director of the French Civil Aviation Authority on Reunion. ( עוד...

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Don Mills 1
Let's hope there is a positive identification can be made.
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Air France pilot reports Reunion debris sighting

An Air France pilot has reported a debris sighting just off the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, where a part of the Boeing 777-200 that operated Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was found on July 29.

“Air France confirms that, in line with current procedures, the crew of flight AF642 from Paris-Orly to La Réunion on Sept. 14, 2015 reported an unidentified floating object to the control tower at Roland Garros airport in Denis de la Réunion, during the approach to la Réunion,” an Air France spokeswoman said.

Experts have already established that a flaperon, discovered on July 29, belonged to the ill-fated flight. There have also been further objects reported.

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