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LAX Runway To Close Through Summer For Construction

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LOS ANGELES ( — A runway at Los Angeles International Airport will be closed over the summer and into fall to make way for federally mandated construction, airport officials said Monday. The outboard runway 24R/6L at the north runway complex is being taken out of commission starting today through Oct. 19 as the airport upgrades the landing strip to make it safer for arriving and departing flights. ( עוד...

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andrew357 1
HA they should close the complete airport forever or redesign it. What a hole
scott8733 1
My sentiments exactly, Andrew. The only real improvement to LAX would be to close the airport completely, have the US Air Force drop a MOAB on it, and start over.
andrew357 1
AGREE ha ha or use a B52 to drop one
ADXbear 1
That airport was once supposed to be relocated to Palmdale California.. I believe the name was going to be the Los Angeles intercontinental airport, but the 50 miles drive pissed off the LA Valley... I should be apparent they need to rethink that now.
kaitai929 1
KLAX was wrongly designed in the first place since the early seventies not much has changed excepts for escalating on going problems with space and aircraft
FlightSeer 1
Maybe there is a "BOGO" special. (Bomb one, get one free). Then, we could fix ORD, too. :-)
Scott Campbell 1
Well other than, you can fly direct to almost anywhere in the world. The biggest issue with this airport other than the terminals... is No public transportation coming into the airport, and no direct access from a freeway. For a jump to any Hawaiian Island, living in Southern California its my only option. And after selling my soul to United I'm stuck with it on occasion. -
SNA, ONT, LGB and BUR - just don't always make - I WISH it wasn't so !!
Colin Seftel 1
Scott, there is public transportation from LAX and I have used it. Here's how:
Exit your terminal and cross to the centre median. Look above your head for the blue sign reading "LAX Shuttle Airline Connections". You'll see a listing for "Metro Green Line Aviation Station". The shuttle runs every 20 minutes from 5 AM to Midnight. Board the free LAX Green Line "G" shuttle. It's a 15 minute ride to the Aviation/LAX Metro Rail station.
Scott Campbell 1
don't make sense ! proof read proof read
kamyee249 1
I avoid this hole of a dysfunctional airport KLAX it is by far the worst International american airport to get in and out of. YOU DON'T HAVE TOO PROOF READ THAT NOW DO YA!

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