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UK army parachutist rescues teammate after chute fail

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London (CNN)—A parachutist with the British Army's Red Devils stunt team rescued a fellow jumper in a midair drama after his parachute failed during a stunt jump. ( עוד...

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skyjumpr 5
Take the average number of inaccuracies of any given aviation news story, multiply it by about 30, and you have the recipe for every single non-educated skydiving headline.
Bernie20910 7
It wasn't a chute fail, it was a bungled stacking maneuver that resulted in a tangled canopy.
Andreas Goedde 2
Exactly. It looked like they were planning a 4-way, but the “hero“ came in too hot and became entangled.
oowmmr 2
Is it part of the show to be really tough and jump without a secondary chute or was that it? Anyways excellent job by his teammate!!
Bernie20910 3
No, he was too low to deploy it.
Forensics1 1
Bernie... Not being a jumper I do not understand 'too low to deploy'. Why would one not deploy if their were even the slightest chance that a deployment would break his fall enough to save his life? Thanks.
Bernie20910 1
Even a tangled canopy provides some drag, slowing your descent, and you're going to accelerate as soon as you cut away your main, and you're not going to slow much until the reserve (generally a smaller canopy) fully inflates. So, if you're so low that you know the reserve can't fully inflate it it can be better to stick with the main and hope it's slowing you enough to survive the impact. Given that this was over water I consider that the best possible choice.

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