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Plane stowaway body found on roof

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A stowaway who is believed to have clung on to a plane has fallen to his death, while another is in hospital. The two men are believed to have been clinging to a British Airways flight from Johannesburg to Heathrow. ( עוד...

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Colin Seftel 2
This seems to indicate that there is inadequate perimeter security at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg.
preacher1 2
Seems like this happened before out of somewhere down there. Seems like a year or 2 back but I think different from what the story told.
Colin Seftel 1
Here's an interesting follow-up article:
flyingcookmosnter -2
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London - One stowaway survives 10-hour flight in 747 wheel well, another found on rooftop

A suspected stowaway has been found on the roof of a west London office building after plunging to his death from a British Airways flight. A second man, understood to be 24 years old, survived the journey and is in a serious condition in hospital. He is believed to have been found unconscious in the undercarriage of the plane at Heathrow before the other man’s body was discovered.

Rudy Brenalvirez -2
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Stowaway found dead after falling from British Airways plane in London

The worst choice in flying Johannesburg to London.
Margeaux K -2
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Stowaway Plunges Out of Plane Over London

Two stowaways clung to a British Airways passenger jet on its 6,000-mile journey from South Africa to London, but police say only one survived the trip, NBC News reports.
Marcus Pradel -2
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Stowaway falls from Johannesburg flight arriving in London

A stowaway, who clung to the undercarriage of a British Airways plane departing Johannesburg, South Africa, has fallen to his death in London, the airline announced Friday. A second stowaway managed to hold on to the plane, being treated at a local Hospital.

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