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Qantas B767 (VH-OGG) Retires to KVCV (Video)

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As an aviation photographer and enthusiast ,, I now know where, I would one day visit to purchase my aircraft, that I would turn into my residence .. ( עוד...

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Wally Colbert 2
Excellent video Sad in the way that only a ex Airline employee would understand
Thanks for sharing
billgrafton1979 1
Yes how true that is. If you know the aircraft well and have that personal feeling about them you intend to miss them knowing full well it's fate may be sealed or life will go on with it in another third world carrier or freighter company. Most stay on the desert floors derelict part missing or taken off them or corroding away to nothing
kaitai929 1
It would be nice to do that but this b767 is very well used and would need a lot of work done to it as does the B744's that sit idle in KVCV waiting new owners. There is a person who has a B742 set up on rual land south of YBBN which was a former PAN AM plane that costed hi, about $1 million to bring it here and transport it to the location in three pieces. N728PA is still on the side of the aircraft. and he lives in the big jet with his family.
Allan Ju 1
I worked at KVCV preserving these old beautiful machines.
bentwing60 -2
I'm so proud that the LGBT and all Bimbo crowd has been highlighted by Q'us. I'm beginning to feel a bit humble about being an OWC. We are a dying breed. To be followed by more automation and CFIT.

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