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Airline mocks Gulf disaster with oiled bikini models

A US airline is under fire for a new promotion that makes light of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The Spirit Airlines website features a series of images of scantily clad women under the tag line “Check out the oil on our beaches”. The ads also feature a mocked-up bottle of sunscreen with the words “best protection” emblazoned on the side – the 'B' and 'P' in the words are highlight to spell 'BP'. ( More...

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Gene Glascock 0
Good Job Spirit, keep up the good work. I would be glad to fly on your airline.
Brad Harris 0
Not very bright,Spirit. In this day of over political correctness and mass hysteria, why in the world would you even think of doing a promotion like that?
Chris Turpin 0
Very distasteful... Shame on you Spirit. No wonder your pilots don't want to fly for you.
Geoff Cook 0
Have to hand it to Spirit! Bad taste? Maybe! Not very politically correct? Even better!! Excellent marketing though.. This will have people talking, and searching out the adverts just to see what the fuss is about! Brilliant on Spirit's part!
Brad Harris 0
Not excellent marketing, in my opinion, especially coming off a strike. They have already ticked a bunch of pax off because of that, now this.
gkamilar 0
I was in radio advertising and got my client PICKETED for an add that ruffled feathers. Client pulled the ad after one day but was thrilled with the exposure...pinktristar is right on the's all about impressions; even bad ones sell.
Brad Harris 0
So what you are saying is, that Spirit is trying to make themselves look foolish to sell a few seats? Smart business model. Makes me want to buy a ticket.


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