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Stop the 3rd Class Medical Madness

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Christopher Hart, the acting head of the National Transportation Safety Board, told lawmakers recently he is "very concerned about pilots flying without adequate medical standards," pronouncing before a House subcommittee that doing away with the 3rd class medical, among other worrying things, would make pilots less likely "to pay attention to the FAA's list of prohibited drugs." To that, I respond, what is the NTSB smoking? ( עוד...

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Andy Cruickshank 8
Every pilot self assesses their physical condition before a flight and makes a judgement call.
An FAA physical with an AME is not expensive as long as you have no significant medical history.
I had a valid medical certificate (in 2006) and discovered I required bypass surgery. The cost to get re-certified was huge and I did not do it. The bizarre thing is that I was then, and am now healthier than I was with a current physical. My point is that having a piece of paper does not certify that you are healthy but that you were at a particular point in time.
I can legally fly LSA aircraft with a drivers license and my Pilot Certificate as I was never denied a medical certificate. If I had gone to take the exam and failed I would not be able to legally fly LSA.
The growing danger from UAVs is in my estimation a larger threat than responsible pilots ( most of us) with or without a medical certificate.
zennermd 3
I completely agree with you, I believe there is a place for an entry exam (to meet obvious qualifications) when you are learning to fly, but after that it is no longer necessary. There were many days I wanted to go flying, but deemed myself unfit to fly that day and I do not need a piece of paper to tell me I "can" fly when I know I should not.
Arthur Netteler 1
Over here in the Philippines, they have NO RESTRICTIONS on UAV's at all. I would guess it is because the Rules and Policies here are STILL working on Regulations for Jet Just a LITTLE behind the times!!
Ryan Jorgenson 3
Piloting an aircraft requires a few basic medical requirements, such as vision and hearing, that in reality, some people won't be able to meet. Aviation medical exams are the cheapest part of this hobby/profession and there's no reason to have someone piloting an aircraft who's not fit to fly based on an AME's professional assessment.
gboroflyer 0
Yes, but the problem medical certificates go way beyond hearing and vision to prescription medications that have nothing to with piloting any modern aircraft, commercial or not. Getting rid of the 3rd class medical is a step in the right direction. Or the FAA can continue to live in the 1950s.
Ryan Jorgenson 1
The fact is there are a lot of conditions that disqualify someone from flying an airplane and it's irresponsible not to have some control over who may or may not operate an aircraft based on their individual assessment by a medical professional.
justin chavez 2
The third class is silly. If a pilot is unfit medically and crashes the chances of them injuring someone else are slim to none. I think that I read somewhere (maybe here) that you have a greater chance of being hit by lightning than by a crashing airplane. Google it if you don't believe me.

On the other hand anybody can drive around an SUV or full size truck at 70 MPH, loose control and the chances of them injuring another person are so much higher. I would be all for them keeping the third class if all drivers were required to meet the same standards for both maintaining their own health and maintaining their vehicles to the standards we maintain our aircraft.
Christopher Hart, why don't you tell your buddies at the FAA to stand with you in a more relevant fight, FATIGUE!!! Address double clocks in Part 135 especially, not this medical bullshit. "Sick" pilots are probably more rested and safe than tired pilots!!!

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gmcmanus 9
Mike I really hope you lose your medical someday and your love of flying is rendered useless. All I see is negative posts from you with an elitist attitude, sick of it!
preacher1 0
Well, you can comment all you want to about his posts as nobody will agree with him, you, or me 100% of the time but he is spot on about the physical. You are either qualified and in top notch shape per a first class physical or you stay on the ground. In that respect there is no difference in flying a C150 or a 747.

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Andy Cruickshank 3
Gmcmanus is right on the money. Jerk. Try to get a happier life.
Jimmy Robinson 2
Andy, I think you misspelled one of your words. 'Jackass' doesn't have an 'e' or an 'r' in it.
gmcmanus 2
You're a jerk for constantly trying to piss everyone off with your often racist and slander filled posts. If it was up to you Mike, everyone who doesn't have their ATP and a class 1 medical would be out of the sky, remember where you came from and get off your pedestal tool.
preacher1 1
yep. 1 class should be it.

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