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Hail pounds a taxiing ERJ-145 in Texas

A meteorologist on board an American Eagle jet taxiing to the runway in Abilene, Texas yesterday took a video of golf ball size hail pounding the Embraer ERJ-145 for more than seven minutes while they sat on the taxiway. The plane had to turn back to the gate because of the damage. ( More...

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oowmmr 1
Makes me think if it was composite that the hail would have sproing right off.
...not even a hanger to tow into for some protection. I doubt that hail damage like that is repairable - the thinner parts like control surfaces would have been penetrated, and the airfoil would be trashed. Anything about the windscreen or engines?
Gordon Brown 1
Hangar would have been useful, but I don't think a hanger would have been of any use.

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The NWS would have been on top of this storm moving in with warnings galore. And the controllers in the tower should have seen it moving in. Why was this plane even given clearance to leave the gate?
ATC can't hold a plane for a foolish decision...
ATC sure can hold a plane for something like this. Safety of all concerned is more important.
No they can't!!!
The airplane would have sustained the same damage at the gate. Outside is outside.
ToddBaldwin3 1
Mama mia! I bet that bird looks like a golf ball.
josh homer 1
I live near ABI and we got POUNDED with baseball sized hail. Car is in the shop as of an hour ago. All windows are gone, chunks of
josh homer 6
Oops! Chunks of hubcap missing. I really feel for all those AE Saab 340's at ABI being used for parts! By the way, can FA add an edit feature for comments? I screw up way too much lol.

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Eric Schmaltz -3
Think I could get the same video from my living room while my kids spray the window with the garden hose...Yawn!!!
Did you turn on the sound?

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spatr 13
Because he doesnt have to turn off electronic devices on the ground.
Ric Wernicke -6
One of the reasons for turning off the equipment is to get people to pay attention to the emergency announcements. You can hear the spiel on his recording. He is still a nitwit, and so are the others that ignore the instructions from the crew.
Greyhound would cost them, it's an upgrade from Eagle...
Ric Wernicke -1
Good point THRUSTT. A re-issued ticket has a $200 charge (just like in real life) which should cover the upgrade too.


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