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Atlanta World’s Busiest Airport in 2013

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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport once again laid claim to the title of “world’s busiest airport” last year. The airport maintained its hold on the title despite an overall decline in passenger traffic. The airport reported 94.4 million passengers for 2013, a 1.1% decline from 2012..... ( עוד...

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JJ Johnson 3
ATL is great compared to the 3rd world banana republic dump LAX. I have paid extra and taken longer connections just to avoid that cesspool Los Angeles should be ashamed.
Andrew Duncan 1
What many people don't know is, unlike other commercial hubs, the airlines themselves are responsible for operating and maintaining the facilities at ATL. They have a vested interest in making the experience enjoyable, thus resulting in higher quality facilities and services.
bees31ballard 2
ATL is a great airport. It is easy to navigate from a connecting point of view, the only way I have ever used the airport most of the time. I did have a few trips where I actually used ATL as a leave/arrive point. Sometimes the connections are too close and I gotta hustle (Airlines fault, not airports). It is amazing how all those pieces fit together to keep something like that running only minutes from downtown. If you ever have the opportunity to stay in Atlanta overnight or a few days, be sure to stay in the Renaissance Concourse Hotel and get an airport view room that sits right next to the runways. The views are excellent as you sit on your room balcony just a few hundred yards from airplanes. The view is fantastic. Great for families with kids and any age aviation enthusiasts. We have stayed there many times as our children were growing up and we visited Atlanta on weekends.
SootBox 1
Just make sure it's not during a sultry & humid summer day. I made that mistake and was greeted with a sign in the lobby "We suggest you leave your balcony doors & windows closed until further notice due to extreme amounts of ground level jet exhaust". They weren't kidding either. Looking south to the ATL concourses it was just a mango brown haze about 100 feet up from the ground, like something you'd see in a China factory town. The air was stagnant & still and the fumes were strangulating.
preacher1 1
Don't know if it is still the same and can't remember time of year but we left out about 2AM headed North on I75. Had , I guess, auto exhaust smog all the way out past Marietta. Couldn't hardly breathe. Fresh air never was so good
preacher1 1
Stayed there in the mid 90's; it was the Stouffer Concourse then. Had my 9 year old with us. It was amazing how me and him could sit there and listen to te planes practically next door and we could pull them glass doors shut and the wife could watch TV at normal volume. I don't know what was in that glass but it sure kept things quiet.
preacher1 1
Busy as it is, it's kinda nice. It was basically built from the ground up and you don't have intersecting runways to deal with, and as a pax, you can get from one concourse to the next easily with that train. Some of the others ought to take lessons.
PhotoFinish 1
CLT could become another ATL (if it doesn't get dehubbed, with AA having so many hubs on the east, with CLT having the least O&D of the bunch).
preacher1 1
I don't seeing it getting dehubbed. There will probably be some realignment, as there already has been on South America.

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