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Google to restore Hangar One and operate runways at Moffett Field

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On Monday, federal officials announced they have chosen a Google subsidiary to restore the landmark Hangar One at Moffett Field and assume control of the airfield's two runways, located just a few miles from Google's main offices. ( עוד...

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Steve Robinson 1
Great news! Lived off the appch end 32 for twenty eight years. Was a daily airshow from P3s to C5As . Lots of military breaks....even C5s. Would hang on the fence while C5s throttled up and caused dust storms across 101. Super airshows with Hanger One a star along with the Blue Angles. Great airfield!
James Brown 1
As a Navy night fighter pilot of WW II I was recalled in 1952 and reported to my squadron in the big hanger at Moffett (named after RAdm William A. Moffett) to fly the post war version of now the F4U-5N whose teams graced each CVA during the Korean War. Great for us early all weather pilots because we could always find plenty of IFR weather to practice then. However, the hangar was built for dirigibles like the USS Macon. I have actually seen it sometimes rain inside when the big clamshell doors were closed. Good for Google.
Brad Littlejohn 1
Interesting. I wonder how they are going to handle ATC training, unless they plan to outsource that to a contractor, as this will not be an FAA field.
randomguy 8
Well, first they're going to have to sign up for Google+ ...
josh homer 2
John just won this comment thread lol. If anyone has used YouTube lately you will get the joke.

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