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Air Canada Orders up to 109 737 MAX Aircraft

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Today, Air Canada, in a surprising move has decided to replace their current Airbus narrowbody fleet with the competition — the Boeing 737 MAX. They have ordered a total of 61 of the aircraft, with 33 going to the MAX 8 and 23 to the larger MAX 9. The up to 109 part of the transaction comes from 30 purchase rights and 18 options. At list prices, the firm orders would be a transaction of over six billion dollars, but you better believe that the airline made a stellar deal for the planes. ( עוד...

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Peter Rabyk 3
Leahy must be pissed.....Good!!!
J L 2
For Canadian planespotters, this is a bit of a downer. My local is YYC; Westjet's busiest hub after YYZ. There's already an awful lot of 737 in the air around here. In the future, we can hope for some Rouge A319, or the occasional A319/20/21 from an American carrier. For now, I hope that AC buys some CSeries planes. That, at least, might spice things up a little.
CaptainFreedom 2
CS100s may be more of a Jazz purchase to replace the aging RJ fleet.
matt jensen 1
AC is just setting itself up for integration with another carrier - so when the takeover is completed - they'll all have the same aircraft.
canuck44 1
Canadians will remember the "Airbus Affair" of the late 1980s when the Prime Minister and a Cabinet minister (Frank Moores) were accused of taking kickbacks for Air Canada to purchase A320s. The allegation was never proven; Mulroney sued then settled for an undisclosed amount plus a couple of million in legal fees.

In spite of the failure to prove the allegations, undoubtedly there are lots of folks in government and Air Canada who do not want to repeat the trauma and reputation destruction of the past. Did it influence the buy? Probably, plus a great price from Boeing in exchange for decades of an all Boeing fleet...and likely Bombardier for the A319 replacement.
Jan F 0
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737 MAX order a big blow to Airbus

Air Canada, the flag carrier of the Great White North, struck a big blow to Airbus as it decided that US-based Boeing would be replacing its European-made fleet.
Airbus planes are generally a minority in Canada, with Boeing being the preferred manufacturer for most carriers. Only 110 Airbus planes are operated in Canada — that is between Air Canada and Air Transat. To put that into perspective, 141 turboprop aircraft are operated nationwide in the country by just the larger carriers.

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