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Aircraft Near Miss And Unusual Event Compilation Video..A really good one!!

I have never seen this compilation of videos before. I know you all have seen dozens of these but this one stands out in my opinion. Additionally, fantastic footage of a A340 RTO and the aftermath that follows, was a training flight and had cameras all over. Another 747 RTO et al. I have searched squawks and could not find this particular video so I hope it's not a repost...enjoy...I sure did. ( More...

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Tim Duggan 3 noted, this is also on YouTube, where I first saw it. Most are "Ho, Hum", but the T-38 HUD recording is startling. I wonder, what he was doing at 350 knots at only 1,600' MSL? If he wasn't in an MOA. (Since it looked like a civilian biz jet crossing from the left).

The KAL B777....well, 'nuff said...

Filmmaker got it wrong with the "B737" and the wingtip strike (in a wicked crosswind that was probably above the limitations)...the quality is poor, but the landing light locations give it's an Airbus 320. And, with a x-wind from the right, HOW he let it bank the wrong direction and clip the left wingtip is a real head-scratcher.
Knowing a lot of "pilots" these days, no need to scratch!!!
bbabis 1
The T38 was probably on a barn burner route. It looked like a Comanche flashed by and the student didn't even notice. The instructor realized that only by luck they had cheated death and gave the "Let's go home" remark.
weyrholder 1
The crosswind landing apparently exceeded the autopilot authority for the conditions - something that wasn't picked up by the designers until AFTER this incident! Software, software !!!!
(v)e Same 3
Whoa... Tires going out like that has always been my worst nightmare as a ramp rat. I love the other fire fighters off camera going, "Nah man, you've got this one. We'll just stand back here, you go check it out, ok?"
Tim Duggan 2
Yeah. If you suspect hot brakes, stay well away, and avoid the side of the wheels in line with the axles. Stay fore or aft.
(v)e Same 2
Yanno, its funny that at no airline I've ever worked for, has anyone ever said anything about this. And lord knows I'm running out of new ones to test drive these days.

Now I agree with you that it would be a bad idea to be inboard or outboard in line with the axles, no question there. However, I also thought about the truck tires you see on the highway also. I mean, tons of compressed nitrogen pushing out on the tread. What if when the thing goes chernobyl at the gate, a piece of tread gets whipped out like a giant rubber beaver tail? I always kinda split the difference and tried to keep as close to 45 degrees off any hot tires I could when putting the chokes in. But thats just me I suppose.
CP191 1
Agreed! As both a firefighter AND truck driver...always approach on a 45 with hose. and we truckers call those GATORS (tire remains)...if you run'em over, they thend to get caught and 'bite' your rear or get suck in the wheel wells..
Back in the early 1970's a "ramp rat" was killed by an exploding tire on a new Transair B737 at Winnipeg airport. The guy applied UNREGULATED air hose to re-inflate a low tire on the newly arrived A/C with the brakes still glowing.
His remains were small pieces. Left behind a wife and small child. Tragic.
Toby Sharp 3
the KC-10's at the end....................Remarks......4 new left and rights seats up front!
Tim Duggan 1
Correction....the thirsty jet was an E-3, a version of the KC-135. (An E-4 is based on the B747 airframe).

Tanker was also a KC-135. The flying boom shows the unit's identity -- "137 ARW" That's the OK ANG 137th Air Refueling Wing at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma.

Also more on the video's description seeming amiss...looking at the ground, from the tanker's POV, it looks stable. Looked like the E-3 was having the problems...they might have been training.
Michael Fuquay 2
The Korean Air 777 clip has to be the least graceful completed landing I have ever seen.
Murray Wilson 1
Does not do much for my faith in Korean pilots, post SFO crash.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Dear friend Michael Fuquay, I hope you know that there is always one correct method, BUT incorrect can be innumerable.
So, while two accidents can be similar but NEVER same ! Just like humans! Who too are never perfect, and hence dissimilar.
Er.A.K. Mittal 4
Great effort my friend.
The same compilation is on youtube. Link as follows

For larger collection and clips link to

Done in larger public interest.
Er.A.K. Mittal 4
And this one seems exactly like same
Happy viewing , ALL
josh homer 3
Not sure why you were downvoted. I'm on my phone and can't use liveleak. Thanks for the alternative!
Anything new? I seen this on here 3 times.
bbabis 1
Hardly worth commenting on but it was entertaining. Mostly all pilot screwups and most aircraft identified incorrectly but I guess that wasn't the point. The V1 abort test was the most interesting. I imagine that test failed due to the fact that the firefighters intervened before 5 minutes.
billykid05 1
Regarding the 747 RTO, I'm curious if its FAA regulations to replace parts (tires, brakes, sensors, fluids, etc, etc)after an RTO occurs, regardless of the parts condition or parts retention vs replacement is a judgement call that's each airline decides.

I won't post liveleak anymore until they become mobile friendly
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
These clips prove the adage, " to err is human" - irrespective of nationality.
It just proves that aviation can bite back when least expected.
Excellent videos! Thank you! The 737 was near it's crosswind landing speed of certification I believe. I like airports that give a safe option tyvm.
ken young 1
Examples of "when things go wrong"
It is a repeat but the warning isn't. They even allow f**king idiots to fly helicopters.
James Whiting 1
Good of you to post this. thanks for taking the time.


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