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Air Force Thunderbirds no longer grounded after budget cuts

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Grounded since April because of budget cuts, many of the Air Force's combat aircraft started flying again Monday, the military has announced. ( עוד...

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siriusloon 5
Some people really should read the article that's linked and not just stop at the headline. There will be no air shows by the Thunderbirds this year. They have resumed flying for training purposes only. The pilots have to requalify (i.e. "become legal") again on the F-16 and then requalify as Thunderbird pilots.

They will NOT be doing air shows -- just like the article says: "The popular Thunderbirds demonstration team comprised of F-16s also will resume training flights, but all 2013 shows will remain canceled." That includes Oshkosh, Fleet Week, and Mather Field -- but you'd have known that if you'd read past the headline.
SWEET .. Let the Air Shows begin !!!
Marcus Pradel 1
It would be nice if they came to OshKosh in a few weeks, call it a training sortie!
Victor Muniz 1
Charles Atterson 1
Are the Canadian Snow Birds flying this summer?
Les Price 1
The Canadian Snowbirds have done shows this year including the show here in Kitchener just a few weeks back. Yes, they were fantastic, as usual.
Gregg Harcus 1
Maybe the shows that benefit from having the Thunderbirds should pay to have them perform. Sec of Defense has said that they may have to stop recruiting to cut costs Maybe the Thunderbirds are going to be a think of the past.
Luis Orpinell 1
They spend more money pacing the Senators using private aircraft, than it costs to keep the group easily. It is one of the historical attractions that tinene the AIR FORCE, for over 40 years.
Brad Littlejohn 1
This is a good thing, at least to us up in NorCal. With Fleet Week being cancelled this year, everyone's eyes will be on the California Capital Airshow, at Mather Field in Sacramento, as that airshow has NOT been cancelled. They were lacking a major attraction, with the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels being grounded. This opens up more options plus may steal a bit more thunder from Fleet Week.
Zachary Colescott 3
Unfortunately, although the Thunderbirds will still be training, it looks like they've cancelled the rest of the 2013 season still. :(
Wall James 0
They should have never been grounded. My father took me to see them at Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas when he was with the FBI and I was a child at the time. It was an amazing thing to see. Watching them, ( it's kind of hard to explain ), just made you feel good inside and proud to be an American. Looking forward to seeing them up in the sky again.

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