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All Southwest flights grounded due to computer glitch

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Internal dispatch system down. Mostly west coast affected. ( עוד...

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sparkie624 6
Not surprised... Get to dependent on computers and that happens. they are the first.
Timothy McDonnell 1
Was funny to see the homepage of yahoo have this story twice... one headline 57 flights the other 64, and the stories were right next to eachother too.
Ray Zimmermann 1
I was really glad to see that "flights currently in the air are OK and can land."
dondtus 0
Ric Wernicke -2
So, a sharp pencil boy (accountant) is sitting in his office, his 401K just got killed this week on Wall St., he notices fuel prices have jumped twenty cents, and the load factor is below the red line.

He pushes the glitch button because it consolidates light loads and saves the company a few million. The board sends a fruit basket, and the CEO gives a kiss on the lips. What could be nicer?

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