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Behind the scenes: Boeing's Dreamliner battery fix

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(CNN) -- It was a monumental challenge, a logistical effort Boeing had never faced before: simultaneously moving a small army of technicians to 13 international locations, transporting 15 tons of tools per repair kit, and installing newly designed equipment in the field, taking five days per airplane working around the clock in two 12-hour shifts. The goal: get 50 new 787 Dreamliners back in service as quickly as possible following a three-month grounding. Boeing's pride had been stomped on… ( עוד...

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Paul Ahkolik 2
I'm still shaking my head in disbelief at this one. The problem would've been avoided had Boeing turned to a technology that has existed for years, and only would've required scaling-up to fit aviation needs. It's known as "Negative delta vee" detection which among other things, prevents a battery from being over-charged. Every radio with a rechargeable battery I've had since 1990 has had this ability, and that even includes the type of battery at the center of the Boeing's battery woes, the Li-on battery. C'mon Boeing, take a lesson from my fellow hams.

Paul Ahkolik, Radio Amateur W5PDA.
Er.A.K. Mittal 2
Buddy , no malice meant . The reason why they will NEVER take lessons from your hams , or for that matter from any one , because their ego is far far too big . So big even for them also to bear the weight/burden . And hence one blunder after another . And some others , though superior in authority , are so over awed by the glitter of Boeing , that their eyes are also blinded by the glare .
It might seem a small event which caused no damage to man or machine BUT a very huge event to expose the mind set of many in responsible positions and their ability to handle crisis in adversity and the way they prefer to handle it .
Paul Ahkolik 1
No malice taken :-)

Paul in CRP, near NGP

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