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United 840 clipped aerobridge at Melbourne Airport (YMML)

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A UNITED Airlines plane has clipped an aerobridge while parking at Melbourne Airport, leaving its wing with significant damage. ( עוד...

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Ric Wernicke 3
I would like to hear from the grandmother operating the jetway why it was so far out from the building, and so close to the fuselage prior to aircraft coming to a stop? Why didn't she jackrabbit out of there when she saw the leading edge of the wing approaching? Where were the ramp boys that are supposed to signal any hazzard during parking? Can't blame the pilot. There is no rearview mirror on a 74. I've been taught all vehicles yield to aircraft. Don't the Aussies have that rule?
preacher1 3
I would wonder about the signaling. Sombody said it overshot the stop signal.
Michael Demura 1
One rumour from someone who works at MEL is that the gate guidance system was configured for an A330.
Pat Woolley 2
Ric, could you limit squawk comments to be gender and age neutral? You've got 'grandmother' and 'ramp boys' in your squawk. I wouldn't think that either identification mattered at the event.
Michael Demura 1
Anyone have any idea on how long this kind of damage would take to repair?
ryanboxer 1
Its the bit of a leading edge you cant repair, the engineer was saying there is talk of a new wing but Melbourne doesnt have the logistics or equipment to support placing a new one on or in fact taking the damaged one off
zimmerfly 1
A couple of yards of SpeedTape should be enough.
Michael Demura 1
It's worth noting it was actually UA839 which is LAX->SYD->MEL, the aircraft is believed to be N119UA. Also a rumour is that the gate guidance system was setup for an A330 not a 747 at the time.
Chris Bridge 1
N105UA I think it was.
Michael Demura 1
Looks like its all fixed then, N105UA departed 5 minutes ago.
Kieran Moore-Patel 1
I was on that flight around a week ago!!!!!!

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