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The Wall Street Journal: American Airlines CEO Tom Horton in talks to become chairman of possible merged carrier

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According to the WSJ, AA CEO Tom Horton is in talks to become the CEO of the merged US Airways and American Airlines, according to "people familiar with the discussions" ( עוד...

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(v)e Same 2
Ohhhh talk about a fight to the death... AA's lovely track record on mergers (TWA) vs. USair's pieces that aren't keen on the fact that their called USair (Piedmont)... This could get interesting real quick. Can kiss any airbus planes flying around in PSA or PAL colors goodbye. Also wonder which hubs will get the axe? Hope CLT and PHL pays close attention to how things went down in STL.
preacher1 1
my money is on Philly going away, if for no other reason because of the delays in just getting out of there and the fact that AA has hubs further up in the NE where the pax are
gboroflyer 2
I highly doubt that phl would be dehubed, although I agree that if the merger goes through, unfortunatley one or two cities will be hubbed. PHL is the strongest peice of the US airways network, arguably besides CLT. There are a ton of routes out of PHL that American does not serve from JFK, and there is no way a merged airline could move those planes and routes to JFK because of the slot restrictions. Plus the traffic flow at PHL has gotten much better in recent years with the expansion of 17/35, the new dispersal headings, and recently the pullback by WN.

However,if the merger happens and several years down the road the city of Philadelphia decides to dramitically raise landing fees to pay for a new runway, then you never know what could happen.
preacher1 0
I was thinking about that fee increase
Brian Bishop 1
Whether Philly goes away or not, AA could use the exposure AWE has in the southeast via CLT (which is right at my back door). You can't go much of Anywhere from here on AA without a pass through DFW.
preacher1 1
CLT could definitely give ATL some competition in years to come.
Brad Littlejohn 2
If this happened, it would be all but confirmed that AWE would leave Star Alliance for OneWorld.
Marcus Pradel 2
matt jensen 2
Well, at least AAL will get newer a/c
preacher1 2
If there is to be a merger, that would be the best decision that the boards could make. While not in it's former glory, in just a little over a year, he has brought AA back from the brink of extinction. As I said, not in it's former glory nor in a way that makes everybody happy, BUT, they are still flying.
preacher1 2
One of my real curiosities would be as to where Doug Parker would land in all this. I guess if Southwest can hire Babbitt, a merged AA might keep him around somewhere. It will all be real interesting. $ make strange bedfellows sometimes.
KW10001 1
If they merge, would the callsign be "Cacterican"?
matt jensen 1
I gotta better idea - AAL gets all the long hauls and AWE gets the domestics

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