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Houston gets shuttle program souvenir after all!

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HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We all watched as the space shuttle Endeavour flew over Houston back in September. It was the last time we would get to see a shuttle fly, even if it was strapped to the back of a jumbo jet. One of the two shuttle carrier aircraft will now stay the Johnson Space Center. ( עוד...

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Thomas Cain 2
Houston definitely should have gotten an orbiter! Why did New York get one? (And I'm from New York) The only relation NY had to Enterprise was a surprise fly over (On the 747) back in the eighties, arranged by then Mayor Dinkins, on it's way to a demonstration in Canada. The shuttles should have gone to Kennedy Space Center, Houston, LA (Preferably Edwards, but understand why LA was chosen since Edwards Museum is not open to the general public, except through prearranged tours.) and the Smithsonian of course.
I would look much better parked at David.We have enought NASA surplus at EFD now.Park it on the NASA ramp for the next 50 years.
Bruce Boaze 1
Pay for the Kennedy Space center showplace with taxpayer money and let the public see it for free. NASA could probably pay for it by canceling unnecessary dinners and travel plus buying printed instead of embroidered shirts.

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preacher1 1
At least they could convert it to a tanker and get some use out of it. That's where they stay parked anyway.
Bill E 0
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No orbiter, but Houston gets the shuttle ferry

Houston may not be getting a space shuttle for display, but the city is getting one of the aircraft that hauled it around.

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