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High-speed bomb-detecting airport boarding gate unveiled

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Japanese technology firm Hitachi unveiled last week a prototype of a high-speed bomb-detection boarding gate for airports. Working with The Nippon Signal Co. and the University of Yamanashi, engineers created a gate that uses high sensitivity mass spectrometry technology to detect the presence of explosive compounds. ( עוד...

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Sold! TSA will take 10,000.
Colin Payette 2
What will prevent the terrorists from using slow-speed bombs?
sparkie624 1
LOL, I like your train of though!
J. Michael del Fierro 1
Too Concerned about passengers going through the US Airport Gates for departure.
While most of the Foreign Airport Security protocol for departure of flights into the US are substandard (Class II and III). Thus the "Shoe Bomber", the "Nicker Bomber", and the like.
smoki 1
What about all the false alarms caused by the bomber contaminating everything he/she touches and other unsuspecting pax coming along and touching the same object thus transferring some of the explosive particles to their hands?
Bunnie Meyer 1
May be too smart for the TSA to be able to use it.
sparkie624 1
Will have to see how it works, and how invasive it is.

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