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Turkey Forces Russian Passenger Plane Bound For Syria To Land And Discover Weapons

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The Turkish military reacted to intelligence reports that a Russia civilian passenger plane flying (Airbus A320) from Moscow to Syria was carry military weapons by using F-16's to force the plane down as it flew over Turkish airspace, landing at Esenboga airport in Ankara.... ( עוד...

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Bunnie Meyer 2
It is partially correct to say that all muslums are not terrorists. The muuslum koran however commands ALL muslums to convert or kill anyone who is an "unbeliever," anyone of any belief that is not muslum.

Virtually all of the terrorism in the world today is performed by muslums and while that may be a small percentage, you do not hear any of the islamic leaders preaching against violence and for tolerance of other religions as that would get them killed by the most radical muslums.

After 9/11 there were very, very few muslum organizations that issued any statements against the planes being used as weapons to kill over 3000 innocent people. At the prompting of the government, some few mosques made statements opposing the action, but there were no marches in the streets or big rallies as muslums didn't want to be targeted as favoring innocent victims over islamic "martyrs."

No religious book of any belief other than islam calls for the killing of anyone who does not convert. It may be true that 99% of the muslums do not commit any terrorism, but neither do they actively protest violence committed in the name of the koran.

We have no right to chase away any neighborhood muslum to an arab country where they are the majority, but clearly the violent conversion called for in the koran has no place in America which was founded on religious freedom of expression.
Ben Ryan 1
I'm sorry, I made mistake; the Koran does say that, still does not mean that people who say that all muslims are terrorists are correct.
Ben Ryan 1
or have the right to say that.
That part of the world seems doomed to perpetual war.
jim lou 1
There is no love lost between the Turks and the Syrians. The Syrians remember the Turkish Ottoman empire, which they were part of.
Ben Ryan 1
agree. its just too much. the airspace seems to become more and more dangerous every day. i cant imagine being a passenger on that plane and finding out that you were just flying on one big bomb.
mcdonobr 1
The article writer states it's a "Russia civilian passenger plane", when it's actually a Syria Air A320 as can clearly be seen by the large blue titles and tail logo. Irregardless, it's still running weapons to a despotic regime and kudos to them for ending the flight.
suz 1
Why is this not reported further by National news agencies? It certainly seems connected to what has happened there in recent days.
Douglas Watson 1
Vacation in Syria? Like going to Egypt to ski...
Herman Kanter 1
Turkey is a Nato member under attack. Nato should be obligated to step in and defend Turkey.
artie Neivert 1
the statement from the passengers said they were on their way to Syria for vacation. Great place for a vacation, beautiful downtown Damascus. Can't beat the new buildings and coffee shops
Bunnie Meyer 1
Seriously, there were no "passengers" on that plane. Russian or syrian technicians but certainly not tourists, only idiot propagandists would claim something like that, maybe they are related to Goebles.
And the beat goes on...

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Ben Ryan 2
no because that would just cause more and more people to say that all Muslims are terrorists. I hate those types of idiots that are stereotypical.

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