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In My Seat. A Pilot's Story from Sept 10th - 11th

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Video of Peter Scheibner, the pilot who was supposed to fly AA Flight 11 on Sept 11 that crashed into one of the twin towers. ( עוד...

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Dee Lowry 7
Well said, Steve. You weren't suppose to be on Flt. 11. God...has other plans for you! Just wasn't in your "Flight Plan". God bless you and those that were lost...but never to be forgotten.
Gene McPherson 13
Powerful story!
."We never know when it's our time" ... Hope to see Steve on my next AA flight.
Scott Campbell 11
If your a pilot and don't believe in God. you just havent flown enough!
Robert Soupiset 5
Absolutely wonderful.
larry lamb 9
Excellent! Compelling story.
Thank you for posting.
Jeffrey Babey 2
If your not "moved" by that you have no heart. Amazing story. Awesome post :)
Dee Lowry 2
Again, well said Jason!
Kevin Happel 3
Excellent Story.
Every day so many people's normal day is blindsided by death. Those who narrowly escape the grim reaper discover the truth in the old saying " you have never really lived until you have almost died" .
preacher1 1
What a difference a week makes. That new CEO up at my old company. He's bailing out. His replacement lives in FSM. Flight Ops will stay at KFSM. Not new but only about 5 years old, They are buying a CRJ200 from somebody. It's down at Weber in Denton for interior mod. Guess who is gonna get the left seat? They figure couple of trips per week. I have my retirement. They'll pay this on a 1099 and It will let me train up somebody over the next year or 3.
That sounds like a perfect deal. Congrats!
preacher1 1
Well, it beats driving to TUL and teaching a bunch of greenhorns in an And whether it's 1 trip or 3 trips, it'll give me just about what I want to do. In this interim period over the last few months, I have really gotten to like that back porch and sweet tea.LOL. This bird is gonna be ready in about 2 months and it'll be gettin' too cold to sit outside anyway.
Carole Gralia 1
Sargon Beitmirza 1
Outstanding story
susie kuppen 1
so well said and done!
Frank Gonzalez 1
Wow, What a great story, Cudos to the Steve!
Don Grandy 1
Very emotional story. Peter, I wrote down your Life Objective because it shines a light on my path as well.
andromeda07 1
How about that incredibly calm and professional flight attendant Betty Ong? Wow.
Alice Woodhouse 1
So sad :-( but thank goodness god had other plans for you :-)
greg behl 1
Bill Neel 1
Extremely moving. This reinforces my belief in "fate" as God has prescribed for us.
Jesse Lee 0
Langweil should take the story at face value and not show his bigoted prejudice towards those who believe in God. If he was a pilot in one of the planes on 9/11 who would he have called out to? His mom?
trekkerj 1
Perhaps one forgets that religion motivated the attacks in the first place. I am glad that this gentleman is alive today, but what about his colleague who took his place, or all the others that died that day?
Jason Feldman -1
As a non Christian - I too didn't like the religious details - but fully understand why he had turned to his faith to help cope with this. I am still very religious and believe in God. As fellow pilots we all know how close he came. A post above is very accurate - if you're pilot and don't believe in god you haven't flown enough. About once in 1000 hours on average there is an emergency of some kind. Some airlines more than others (attention to details, commitment to maintenance).

Despite not being a Christian - the message was powerful - and I would hope the world would focus on that and not have a single negative comment. - its a hallowed subject - where are your white gloves? This man has to cope with how close he was to death and for feeling guilty. Imagine he saw your comment - would you say these things to his face in person? Would you want him to. Read your comments? Where is your respect to this man, his family, or 9/11 itself?

If you are old enough to type - you should be enough of a grown up to have selective hearing - and take in only the important parts - just like a buffet - you don't have treat every item - just pick the best parts. The anti god comments are rude. Go make an anti god video and I. Promise I will not comment. But your insistent that no one can speak of their religion borders on restriction of freedom of speech. How would you feel if someone forced you to be religious ?

This man is in pain and coping with a lot - show respect and pick you "anti-god" battles a little more wisely!,,

As for the comment that religion is what caused all of this is false. The vast majority of Muslims are peace loving people. The attacks are in contrast to Islam's values. What we are fighting is not the Muslims but radical islamism! These are completely different things. Radical Islamism Glorifies death while Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc etc all sanctify life.

But this was not the time or place for this discussion - I don't want this guy to have any more to deal with if he happens to see these comments. He did nothing to you - and if he finds any comfort in god - I am glad he does - and you shouldn't feel so much hatred and contemptat the mere mention of god.
greg behl 1
You have stated the truth of the matter. Thank you articulating it so well.

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I respect your opinion about religion even though I don't agree with it, but I'm curious, how did you end up with these beliefs?
preacher1 1
Go into discussions and see if you have a test Email in there from me a couple of days ago, or did it come out on you screen like a comment alert. OR, did you get it at all. I have a running thing with flight aware; just need to know.
smoki 1
A compelling story and testimony. The poetic strings of "High Flight" come to mind.
trekkerj -4
could do without the religious propaganda at the end, but then again, i see this video is courtesy of Bob Jones "University"
smoki 7
Propaganda? No, it's referred to as testimony, his testimony. It wasn't difficult to see where Scheibner was going with the story after delivering the details of how he missed/survived the fateful flight. What his testimony serves to point out which I can only assume you missed or chose to ignore was that life is a gift, not of our own choosing or making, like a vapor that can evaporate in an instant, in this case a horrific instant.

I believe as does Scheibner that we all have a rendezvous with eternity after a comparatively brief time in this life which begs the question: What will become of us after this life and we enter into eternity? The jihadists/terrorists on those fateful flights 11 years ago thought then as their brethren do today that they have the answer. One read through the Bible and the Quran and it's not difficult to see or sense which has it right.
Amanda Gentry 0
Whether you personally believe in God, some other creator, or nothing at all, this is still a truly moving piece.
We must remember to never forget those victims.
Kimberly Bachman 0
All I can say is WOW!

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Jason Feldman 1
Awful gamble you're taking. If I'm wrong I won't suFfer for eternity - if you're wrong - you will. But all that aside - you're anti-god belief is as much a religion as any. Don't fool yourself.

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Chris Welch 1
Did you forget to take your medication this morning??

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preacher1 1
Well, just as the Muslim is to Allah, and you are to yourself, as a Christian, we have an INDIVIDUAL relationship with Jesus Christ, and after what I experienced last night, I know that he is still very much alive. I'll have my opinion, as much as you have yours, and that is the beautiful part of living in this country, we can agree to disagree without killing each other, as our Muslim folks seem to like to do.
Lots of religions, lots of opinions on religion, and lots of people who neither have a religion or believe. Our individual preference will be born out in the death expierence, which everyone is subject to.
preacher1 1

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