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Plane makes emergency landing at Purdue after engine failure practice turns real

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Plane makes emergency landing at Purdue (KLAF) after engine failure practice turns real in Piper Seneca. ( עוד...

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cstolz 7
@Mr. Rudd... Read the PTS for the private and commercial multi engine rating. The applicant must show that they are capable of unfeathering an inoperative engine and bringing it back to life. Let's throw you into this scenario, but now its real, and if you hadn't had the training on what to do, I bet you would make some poor decisions yourself. Look at the real life aspect of flying before you go bashing people. Very good decision making on the MEI for returning to the airport and making a safe landing. Great training = great results.
Paul Smith 2
Don't pay no Mind to Captain Rudd. I noticed He seems to make troll comments on every post here...
blake1023 2

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indy2001 1
If you read the comments at the end of the original article, Diane Ummel (apparently the mother of the pilot) clarifies that the student pilot has had his license for 20 years and is working on his multi-engine rating. That makes much more sense. Reporters, especially those who work for small local papers like the Lafayette Journal and Courier, just don't seem to be able to report on aviation very well.
Zachary Colescott 2
This is no joke. Had a friend that was killed (along with 3 others) at Purdue when the multi-engine trainer that they were flying lost an engine below Vmc on approach to land. I think about her every time I'm on approach in the multis that I fly.
Marcus Pradel 2
good piloting, plain bad news reporting.
cheefpilot 2
So he shut one down and it wouldn't restart so he had to land his twin on one engine? Big deal.
Jonathan Cain 1
aviation is so negative sometimes...they made it down alive, without issue, and walking away...i did my private a KALF...why is everyone so miserable on here? bunch of a haters
tim mitchell 1
Jonathan Cain 1
Ed Berling 1
Was this an advertisement for Lafayette Aviation?
indy2001 1
I think it was more of an effort to distinguish it from Purdue University's in-house training program. Between them, they make the Purdue airport one of the busiest training fields in the country. When I was there in the 70s, it was common to have over a dozen aircraft in the pattern, most doing touch-and-go's.
tim mitchell 1
When doing pattern flying that is always fun;then a transient(usually a jet or higher performance plane) comes in and everyone
Stephen Brown 0
Good article.

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Jeff Carey 8
Because it is required training. You obviously don't fly twins
linbb 3
No he isnt a pilot just reads this stuff so he can think he is another wana bee.Hope he finds another forum.

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