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New search for flight AF 2469, C-54 Skymaster - missing since January 1950!

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On 26 Jan 50, a C-54 aircraft with 44 crew and passengers failed to arrive at Great Falls MT on its flight from Anchorage AK. A massive joint US-Canadian search was conducted over Yukon Territory and British Columbia Canada, but the aircraft and its victims were never found. Today, the government considers the search over, unless new actionable evidence is produced. In stark contrast, our search for the Missing in Action, those missing due to combat engagement, continues and will never be… ( עוד...

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Judy Jackson 12
My Father Clarence Gibson was the radio operator on this aircraft.I was born in May after he was declared missing in 1950. I would appreciate all of you to sign the petition on the above web site.My Father was a WWII veteran and was awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross for his service in WWII. He flew "The Hump." Very dangerous missions. I think he and the other 43 souls aboard this plane deserve another search. All of our missing military personnel deserve to be found and brought home. Just to find the aircraft would be a miracle to me. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need 25,000 signatures on this petition by June 1st for it to be placed on the President's desk.
Thank you and God bless you,
Judy Gibson Jackson
Lucio DiLoreto 7
Hi Judy. I am a retired navy pilot. I will be honored to add my signature to the petition. As you are no doubt aware, the terrain over which this flight was conducted is very inhospitable. Finding anything after sixty plus years will be difficult. However, I do hope that the new search is successful.
Judy Jackson 5
Thank you so much Mr.DiLoreto.I know of the terraine the plane was last seen in.I have been there.I know it will be a miracle if it is found. But I pray it will be before I die.My husband was an Airforce pilot and a Master Army Aviator. All silver wings no gold ones.Ha! He thinks the government owes at least one more search. All of the families deserve this too. God bless and thank you again for signing this petition. I feel like I am doing something for my Father that I never Knew.
Bernie20910 5
Honored to have signed.
Doug Lacey 2
I hope this serves as my signature. If not, please send a copy/form of the petition.

Doug Lacey
Laredo, Texas
Bernie20910 2
The petition can be found at the link in the original squawk, up there on top.
tonja anderson-dell 1
I wanted to follow up to see if this was completed and where are things today with this crash.

Jim Quinn 6
I think the search should be done. Officially, search missions are never cancelled, just suspended. With today's technology it can still be extremely difficult to find even a fairly large target such as a C-54 but it could happen. The biggest problem in 1950 was the lack of air traffic radar especially in that part of the world. It will be an uphill battle, for sure, but well worth the effort.
Ruedi Boenzli 4
Ladies and Gentlemen
Please support this petition with your voice!
The members of this tragedy will be grateful!
Thank you!
Baumgartner Jannette 0
Bitte unterstützen sie diese Pedition.... Es könnte vielen Menschen das Leben retten.
Ruedi Boenzli 2
Hallo Frau Baumgartner
Da es sich um ein Ereignis vor über 60 Jahren handelt, können daraus wohl keine neuen Erkenntnisse inbezug auf die Flugsicherheit von heute gezogen werden. Besten Dank trotzdem dass Sie diese Petition unterstützen!
Wingtips56 4
I just signed it too. Best of luck with this.
Judy Jackson 3
Thank you very very much!!!!!! Mr. Wingtips56
Judy Jackson 3
Thank you Ruedi for helping.God bless and keep you.
Donald Walker 3
While you're at it. Go find Rivet Amber too.
Ray Zimmermann 2
Signed today . . . hope this helps, good luck!
Nelson56 2
I gladly add my name.
Nelson F. Tchakirides
Ruedi Boenzli 1
tonja anderson-dell 1
Ms Jackson,

I wanted to follow up to see if this was completed and where are things today with this crash.


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