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Cirrus crashes at KAND

BREAKING NOW: At least one confirmed fatality. Will post more details asap. ( More...

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George Arthur 3

Brian Bishop 1
Could be. News didnt mention KGMU, but he could have been flying around the area VFR. Said he picked up a buddy in Hendersonville NC before coming to KAND. Registration seems to fit.
Brian Bishop 2
"Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore said that the pilot,  William Hayden, 58, was from Ohio and owned property in the Hendersonville area."
latest update from
_Bill Air LLC seems to fit. Prayers for the family.
Brian Bishop 2
Pilot was from Ohio.
Brian Bishop 2
Pilot's friend who witnessed the crash said he thought it might have stalled after taking off.
Weather here was perfect today.
LancairESP 2
Early on would-be pilots were under the impression that the safety features of this aircraft would prevent a pilot from being behind the experience curve, or at least give a last ditch way out. Whether portrayed by the Cirrus sales staff or just wishful thinking by the newbie pilots, that attitude has led to disaster.

Discussing the topic of de-ice techniques one Cirrus owner told me his plane had a fool-proof de-ice system activated by the 'chute deployment handle - and by his tone I realized he meant it. In the end, every aircraft is safe when well maintained and flown by a trained pilot. The limitation of the Cirrus is not the design, it is the pilot.
Chris Trott 1
And as a Lancair guy, you have as much experience as anyone in a Cirrus with a high performance single that has some "gotchas" for the under-trained. I remember some of the stuff I heard from Lancair "pilots" when it first came out that made me worry about whether their Check Pilot was actually paying attention when he signed them off for their PPL.
LancairESP 2
True. Pilots must accept the need for diligence in exchange for aircraft performance. The hottest Lancairs for years have been the IV-PT. The few insurance companies who would cover them required at least annual and in some cases semi-annual 2-day classes in the theory and practice of flying the aircraft. My ES-P has a high speed cruise of 260kt, way below its thin-winged brethren. On the other hand, it handles like a puppy dog and therefore insurance is cheap and the accident rate is low.
andrew tobin 3
Considering that Cirrus has been banking on the safety of the aircraft with it's fancy-dancy parachute, it sure does crash a lot. If they're going to market it as a safe plane, they should try to make it easier to hand-fly.
Toby Sharp 3
How many hours do you have in a Cirrus?
sking100 0
Approx 1200 In SR 22's.

Any airplane, regardless of make and model can behave poorly if not configured or not properly flown. As I have said before, this is just sad. At the end of the day, a man has passed away and a family is grieving. Let's not be careless in our words. Andrew's comment was just in bad taste. Let the NTSB figure out what happened. My guess is it will be pilot error but that is purely speculation. Regardless the CAPS may not have been an option due to altitude and timing. My guess is that Andrew the student does not have the experience or credibility to say the airplane is "hard to fly". Those of us proficient in it would say it is a very easy aircraft to fly, but you do have to be "on your game" to be well in front of it.

I loved every hour in my Cirrus and found it an amazing airplane before moving up to jet engines in my current aircraft.
Toby Sharp 1
my comment about Cirrus hours was directed towards andrew tobin. Super cool tho!
sking100 -1
You are an idiot. Obviously not a pilot. Having owned five cirrus I think I am qualified to tell you this. An accident happened. A man is dead. Wake up and show a little sensitivity you moron.
Debbie Hayden 1
I am Bill's widow, Debbie. I miss him every hour of every day. He loved flying and was working hard to earn his instrument rating. We never flew without another pilot in the right seat. He studied hard, was an accomplished and intelligent man. He was thoughtful and did his research before choosing a Cirrus. I do not know what to say other than he died doing what he loved. Thank those of you who offer our condolences to our family.
I think he stated the obvious that there are quite a few of incidents/crashes with this airplane.
Maybe a review of the airplane and pilot training in it is warranted.
I am very sorry that people are dead, but some action is required to prevent even more.
70002 3
Regardless, a stall crash after a take off often is one of two reasons:
Improper preflight and trim set improperly or control lock not removed.
Incorrect pilot manipulation of controls.
But as always, this is pure speculation and the accident review team will determine the real cause.
My condolences to the family and friends who are grieving... A difficult situation for hem all.
To assume it was an aircraft defect, although a possibility, is premature.
Chris Trott 0
There have been quite a few crashes with *ALL* general aviation aircraft. This airplane has been raked over the coals for years based on heresay and idiot media. Here's the *FACTS*.

1) The Cirrus accident rate isn't appreciably higher than any other in its class.
2) The Cirrus aircraft's design has *NOT* been found to be at fault in the vast majority of the accidents. Flying the airplane beyond its limits or the pilot's limits has. The only thing that's been brought into question was the deicing system and that's been modified and the certification changed.
3) The aircraft is a "prestige" aircraft. That means that there are a lot of pilots who buy it because they can, not because they can actually handle it or actually will take the time to do the proper training to fly it. This is the same problem that befell the Mooney and Bonanza when they first came out. It'll continue happening as long as people fly. People get money and then they get stupid and feel like they're invincible. It's been proven many more times than Cirrus crashes.
Brian Bishop 1
N505PG? Speculation only. It arrived yesterday evening.
Brian Bishop 1
Doubtful. Local registration.
Airport just reopened. They are not releasing the tail # yet.
eagle5719 1
Of all the hundreds of aircraft accidents listed in the NTSB reports, why would this typical and not unusual one end up in Flight Aware?
Brian Bishop 1
Because it happened practically in my backyard and I wanted to post it. Problem with that?


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