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“NASA966” T-38 unusual visitor to JFK

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This was certainly an unexpected visitor to JFK. I wonder what the visit is for. ( עוד...

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garp 7
Likely scoping out the approach/facilities for the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft/Enterprise's trip later this week from the Udvar-Hazy Center at KIAD.
Toby Sharp 2
My thoughts exactly
But why from IAD, A second farewell to DISCOVERY ? Would had thought it would be a nonstop from Kennedy Space Center to JFK.
Jeff Schutes 4
They are swapping the shuttle from KIAD to the Enterprise to make room for Discovery which they delivered last week from Kennedy Space Center. The 747 and T-38 are both on the ramp at IAD loaded and ready to transport
Roland Dent 1
Prolly an order from the Deli for the admin in Washington
Stacey Conrad 1
Info on the flight can be found here:!/dcairports
Dan Shine 1
Maybe Buzz Aldrin needed a
Vectorer 1
Straight-in or Overhead?
sparkie624 1
Interesting. Was unaware they were doing that.
Geoff Cook 1
The Shuttle move was rescheduled from Monday.. Weather permitting the flight will take place tomorrow with a flyby over New York City before the combination lands at JFK!
acmi 1
does anyone have the eta for the shuttle combo tomorrow?
WX does not look promising
John Blackmore 0
The T-38 was the chase plane for the shuttle trip from the Kennedy Space Center to IAD. The Discovery was swapped out for the Enterprise at the Air and Space Museum, Hazy Center. The museum is on IAD property.

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