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Alaska Airlines vying for non-stop service PDX-DCA

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Help ALASKA AIRLINES, INC (AS) establishe non-stop KPDX-KDCA service. ( עוד...

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Got to get all those high powered lobbyists into their favorite money pit.
Jack Ciesinski 1
alaska doesn't fly to pittsburgh
JetMech24 1
What does Pittsburgh have to do with it?
Jack Ciesinski 1
i live in pittsburgh and i swear by the airport
i hate us airways for abandoning KPIT and leaving the airport in millions of dollars in debt
if alaska had service in PIT i would go for it
most people in enthusiasts like myself fly delta and SWA
If Alaska (AS) receives approval for PDX-DCA, They should then request SJC-DCA and LAX-DCA ... Either way, I'd be ok to go to PDX and on to DCA too .. If need be, and it saved me some $$ over another carrier. While I like IAD, I prefer DCA for going to "Our Nation's Capitol" If a carrier has the $$$ backing to support their operations .. They should be able to fly where ever they want ... The old rule for DCA of "Nothing more than 1800 miles" is crazy .. that just limits the $$ coming into the airport.

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