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Broken Toilets Strand San Francisco-Shanghai United Passengers In Alaska

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The plane departed San Francisco on Sunday for a 13-hour trip to Shanghai. But most of the 262 passengers didn't get to China until Tuesday evening -- three days late -- after an unplanned and prolonged layover in Anchorage, Alaska. About three hours into the flight, the United jetliner was diverted to Anchorage because of broken bathrooms. When a replacement plane arrived Monday, it also was grounded because of mechanical problems, prompting most of the passengers to catch a third plane… ( עוד...

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A big inconvience for sure, but way better than a real emergency. Sometimes the stars just don't line up.
Ben Lillie 1
Too bad they couldn't even enjoy Alaska while they were there.
Scott Campbell 1
Thanks Rob...for the re-cap I guess?
DashTrash 1
No way I'm going transoceanic with inop crappers. Good call!
Absolutely. It might flow right into the cockpit with you mr. Thrustt.
Some bad Moo Shu Pork...
Jeff Lawson 1
Flight history for the diverted flight:
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UA, SFO-Shanghai = 2 days in Alaska

A 13-hour flight from San Francisco to Shanghai is no commuter hop, but the 262 passengers on a United Airlines flight were ready for that. Instead, they were stranded in Anchorage, Alaska, for two days.

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